I'm Samayla on AO3 and DA.

I write fantasy, scifi, historical, and fanfiction, and I currently have three (?!) novels in the works because I have no self control. I also create fandom based and original art when the mood strikes.
I'm crafty and crazy and a little bit obsessed with everything, it would seem...


Anonymous asked
you are adorable and so talented!!!

*blushes like mad*

Thank you Sweetie!

You are sweet and also a brat. :P
Thanks :D

You are sweet and also a brat. :P

Thanks :D

I sit down to write, and everything is just here. It’s all here, every character, every scene, every word. It’s here, crowding and clamoring and clawing to get out all at once. It’s too much for my fragile fingers to channel, too much for the seconds and minutes and hours I sit here trying, and so nothing gets out. How is my writing going? It is, but it’s not. It is, so amazingly, perfectly well, but at the same time, it’s not. It’s not, at all, and I feel the effort will kill me. Why is this so hard?

Beastling - Chapter 2

Chapter Two of Beastling is up!\

A little less fluff, a little more plot this time around…


Beastling - Chapter 1 - Samayla - The Hobbit

To all you intrepid folks who have put up with my extended absence, have some fluffy goodness :) Internet issues mean I can’t be here on tumblr but once in a blue moon, but I can do things on AO3 with few issues.

This fic is in dire need of an update, so if you like it, please, feel free to nag me mercilessly over on AO3. 

All I can say is, if we’ve got to have another blizzard tomorrow, we’d better get at least a late start tomorrow too.